Tungsten Alloys Scrap

Tungsten carbide (WC) is an extremely hard tungsten compound. It is used in the tips of drill bits, high speed cutting tools and in mining machinery.

    We Trade This type of grades

    Material typeWNiCuFeCoCOthers
    Mallory 100090.006.004.00----
    Mallory 200095.003.501.50----
    Mallory 300090.007.00-3.00---
    Mallory 392592.505.25-2.20---
    Mallory 395095.003.50-1.50---
    Mallory 397097.002.00-1*---
    Tungsten Carbide straight grade87.00---6.006.00-
    Tungsten Carbide TiC TaC81.00---6.006.00TaC 3%/ TiC 4%